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Coming 2024

Shardbound is an immersive, multiplayer collectible tactics game packed with rich lore, deep strategy, and cutthroat competition. Set in the lush Axis islands floating above the earth’s core, players must craft mind-bending card decks to outwit opponents and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Bazooka Tango was founded by Bo Daly (CEO) and Stephan Sherman (CPO) in March 2019. Previously, Bo and Stephan co-founded Super Evil MegaCorp, where they created the award-winning MOBA Vainglory.

17-year veterans of the gaming space, Bo and Stephan have held diverse roles at companies such as Riot Games, Rockstar and Gazillion.

Bo Daly, CEO of Bazooka Tango
Stephan Sherman, CPO of Bazooka Tango

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We believe every voice should be heard, not just the loudest. That everyone at every level has something important to contribute. Together, we tackle the hardest quests and make amazing and delightful games.

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We believe everyone should have ownership of their work, and the autonomy to make decisions. You’re the expert at what you do. We provide trust, support, and get out of your way so you can do what you do best.


We believe in moving fast, being transparent, and being bold. This means better communication, less politics, and people who genuinely want to get sh*t done. Let's move fast and create things together!


Each of us have lives outside of work, and we understand and respect that. Our flexible hours and work-from-home policy allows you to excel at work without sacrificing your life and time with your loved ones.

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